The lights. The sounds. There’s nothing like the gaming floor at HIT Casino. Step up to one of our nearly 300 slot and Electronic Roulettes and call Tonight’s Luck to the line.
Immerse yourself into the storybook of amusement in HIT Casino. Choose your favorite slot machine with interactive game play that promises it will keep you entertained into adventure!

With only an euro, you could be well on your way to taking home big payouts, exciting bonuses and progressive jackpots. Isn’t it worth a chance?

EGT Premier Series family comprises an exclusive combination of sophisticated cabinets and advanced software featuring technological superiority combined with ergonomic design.
The ever expanding library of the Premier games includes 80 titles and 5 attractive multigame mixes.

European Automatic Wheel Roulette offers the opportunity to play on a linked physical automatic single zero wheel giving the players a chance to enjoy placing their bets in a real wheel play. The bets are placed by touching the desired bet fields on the screen. Special series enable the player to lay multiple bets on given sectors of the wheel.

Semi-electronic Blackjack table offering enhanced betting process reducing game duration and increasing table turnover.

The Vega Blackjack adds to the classical blackjack game a stylish and more fun feeling with its’ virtual elements and improved software processing.

Vega® Jackpot is an advanced jackpot system manufactured by EGT, which allows the connection of all EGT machines into same network, where they participate in the accumulation and the distribution of additional jackpot wins in real time.



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